Thank you very much for your interest in my work!

A bit about why I'm a photographer -

The first day that I spent with a camera I discovered that being completely focused on a scene, created a sense of peace within me I'd never known before. When I'm photographing, the world around me gets quiet, I lose all sense of time passing and feel deeply connected to the moment. Being someone who's always struggled with worry about "what's next", this was a life changing discovery for me. Photography for me just feels right, like the only thing I was meant to do.

A minimalist at heart, I'm drawn to scenes that are uncomplicated and free of distracting elements. My hope is that my work will convey the sense of quiet connection and peace that I felt when I made the picture.

I've been a full time working photographer for over 10 years. I feel very fortunate to have found some success in what can be a very humbling pursuit. 

My work has appeared in numerous publications, corporate ads, movies, books and is in the collections of some pretty high profile folks.

A major focus of my work is producing high quality fine art prints. I believe there is artistry in every part of the process, from image capture to post processing to materials selection to printing. I take quite a lot of pride in the prints that I make and will never ship a print that I'm not happy to sign my name to.

If you have any questions or custom inquiries, I would love to hear from you, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Work recently appeared in :

The Sun Magazine - Photography Masterclass Magazine - Black and White Magazine - Shutterbug Magazine - Adore Noir Fine Art Photography Magazine - F-Stop Magazine - Geico Advertisement - "Country Music", Ken Burns Film.