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Nicholas Bell  is a self-taught fine art photographer specializing in black and white and monochromatic color toned work. He grew up in Tampa, Florida and since 2007 has made his home in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Bell's interest in photography began while traveling through Europe with the U.S. Army. It was during this time that he gained a deep appreciation for both visual art and the power of photography as a means of artistic expression.

After leaving the Army with photography as a hobby, Nicholas dedicated years to study, practice, and the development of his artist vision.

Bell began pursuing photography with a renewed purpose in 2004 and he participated in his first exhibition in 2008. Since then he has participated in numerous exhibitions and worked to establish professional relationships with designers, publishers and fine art consultants. 

Today Nicholas works full time in photography. His photographs are widely published, held in private collections across the globe and corporate collections in the U.S.


Photography for me has very much to do with time and my perception of time passing. The first day that I spent with a camera I discovered that it allowed me to slow down and live in the moment like nothing else had.

This was profoundly important to me because I love the idea of feeling present in time and not being consumed with what’s next. I search for scenes that are quiet and pure because in these environments is where I feel the most connected and creative.

My hope is that my images convey quietness and will allow the viewer to slow down and feel connected to the moment, completely and without distraction.


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